Big Data Analytics

The Term Big Data refers to IT or Machine data which is generally unstructured & is associated with 3Vs namely: Velocity, Variety & Volume. The promise of data driven decision-making is now being recognized broadly, and there is growing enthusiasm for the notion of Big Data. This data is usually coming in from various sources like, Web Click Streams, Sensors, IT Infra elements, mobile devices, RAFID, Packaged Apps & tons of known & unknown data source

The Value of data explodes when it can be linked with other data, making data integration, the major creator of value. Decision that previously was based on guesswork, or on painstakingly constructed models of reality, can now be made based on the data itself. Such Big Data analysis now drives nearly every aspect of our modern society, including mobile service, retail, manufacturing, financial services, life sciences and physical sciences.

Our strength is in understanding various types of data formats, to be able to pull the relevant information & present them in a context best suited to solve a problem or to carry out an analysis.

Following are the Big Data related services that we offer:

  • Data Ingestion to Hadoop based platforms
  • ETL Operations
  • Selectively created Industry Specific Report Template Models
  • Big Data Modeling
  • Big Data Tool Deployment
  • Big Data Tool Remote Support