Consulting Services

We, at Intellivate, understand that value creation in an engagement starts well before a customer signs a contract. Our ability to provide outstanding consulting & pre-sales expertise that helps our partners deliver business value demonstrations, proactively create leads and convert leads to deals has defined our success. By working as a go-to domain expert and as a trusted advisor, we walk with our partners all the way from proposition creation to project execution.

Intellivate enables its clients to stay ahead of the innovation curve by an early identification of new trends adoption of the same into the strategy thereby creating new revenue streams for our clients to drive more business out of their existing and prospective customer base. With the IT Service Provider Industry becoming increasingly commoditized in its approach to IT Infrastructure Automation and the differentiation increasingly diminishing, we feel that appreciation of the clientele and a strategy aligned to business is imperative. This is where we find our clients tremendous value through Aggregating Innovative solutions from across the industry and creating the right fit for you